East Westphalia-Lippe – Osnabrück – Münster – A strong economic region

Investing where Germany's strong mid-size businesses are at home

The Belgreen Triangle Fund I addresses institutional investors and invests within the economically dynamic triangle East Westphalia-Lippe, Osnabrück, Münster. We select locations with attractive working and living conditions which offer stable rentability in the long term. These particular economically intact locations are beyond the „Top7“ cities in Germany: The „Hidden Champions“ among real estate locations. The investors participate in the strength of this economic region via real estate allocation in office, health care, retail, light industrial, social and residential property. At least 60% of the fund volume will be invested in large cities, mid-sized towns will be considered from 30.000 inhabitants or equivalent catchment area.

Additional funds of the Belgreen Triangle Fund series are planned.

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