Environment - Social - Governance

Our ESG strategy is firmly anchored in our corporate values and is applied in our daily activities, both in managing assets for third parties and in the company itself. Every property, be it in the portfolio or as part of the purchase due diligence, is checked with regard to the ESG goals and measures for optimization are defined. We are not only based on benchmarks, but primarily have the EU target of climate neutrality by 2050 and ecological building in mind. In addition, we want to make a social impact with the investments. As a socially oriented investor, we want to make a contribution to public services with a focus on social & healthcare, also at regional locations. Long-term rental contracts with indexing offer fair value compensation, so that any speculative approaches in this area are excluded. We also support social projects at the real estate locations. With our ESG goals, we want to take on a pioneering role in the institutional real estate fund business.

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